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Betcomando application is very important part of our system. So we spend a lot of money to develop nice and easy to use App. After more than 5 thousand of download and average rating over 4, we can say our task is completed. But we´ re never happy and still working on it, improving and testing.

Download the app for your smartphone

Downloading the BETCOMANDO application is free and you can use it even without being a VIP member. To install the application, you need to have Android 4.1 and higher.


Registration of a VIP account is associated with just one mobile device and it is not possible to log in to your account from another device. If you need to change your mobile device, write us an email to activate @ and we will allow you to log in to your account from another (new) device.

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Introduction to app

First step

Select the language in menu (ENG, GER, ITA, RUS, CZE, HUN).

Introduction to app

Second step

To register, enter your name and surname, email, and your password. Confirm your registration with a code from registration email. If you do not receive the email with code, please email us at activation @

Introduction to app

Third step

You must agree with Betcomando Terms and Conditions. Betcomando is a real company governed by Czech legislation. Please confirm conditions in the next step.

Introduction to app

Fourth step

Here, please enter the code that was sent to your registration email, in this line.

Introduction to app

Fifth step

Sign in to application with your email and password. Later you may change the password in the "MY PROFILE" section. If you forget your password, you can generate a new password on the same page.

By signing in, your profile is inactive. For the use of services, respectively receiving tips (notifications), you need to activate VIP membership in the profile. For concrete days.

Introduction to app

Sixth step

After signing in to the application, you will first see the “NEWS" section (if you do not have an active VIP). In this section you will find all the important news and regular information from our consultancy, bookmakers, etc. We recommend following this. This section is available without VIP membership activation.

Introduction to app

Seventh step

Here you can find our complete statistics for the whole history of Betcomando. Correct and regularly updated daily statistics can be watched without VIP membership activation.

Introduction to app

Eighth step

In the section "MY PROFILE", you have a complete overview of your account. You can buy credits here (as Apple users need to buy credits on our site), so you can activate VIP membership or change your password. We also have clear information about VIPs or contacts for our support.

Introduction to app

Nineth step

The activation is the same for both applications. In the "MY PROFILE" section, you have the "ACTIVATION" button, where you can choose any time from when you want to have your VIP membership active. Click the "activate" button (credits will be immediately taken from your account). We recommend that you activate your VIP membership in the morning (CET - Central European Time) or for several days ahead, since every 1 day (1 credit) = VIP membership from 00:00 to 23:59 CET. Tips (notifications) will only be sent to you if you have a VIP membership active. You can see the tips on your mobile phone both in the top bar and in the TIPS section.

Introduction to app

Tenth step

Incoming notifications (tips) can be viewed in the top bar of the mobile device or in the section "MY TIPS" with more information such as the time of the incoming tip as well as the evaluation of the tip for your comfortable overview of the currently played or played matches.

"Once again, despite the pissing of the account registration - gold mine, guys, thank you ... who does not believe, that one should definitely join. Today I even received some chat from a Hungarian, so I confirmed that everything (betcomando’s statistics) is true. "
Milan Kříž
"I can only recommend, if it ever goes like this so I do not even have to work!"
David Holý
"You can trust Betcomando ... It's incredible this summer."
Adam Kosa
"Super! What I started with this month was so beautiful. For me the best month I've ever seen, with betcomando. Thanks so much, just keep going."
Jiří Doležal
"Super. The new betting method is simply great!. Only the Czech government makes it a bit complicated, with licensing, but you can not. Your results are sitting. And with the limitation of where to bet it is still fine. Super, just keep going."
Michal Strnad
"Really great! It's a nice walk, just keep going!"
Filip Faško
"Everything sits, I can recommend."
Tomáš Horák
"Super work so far. You are the best! Never miss Betcomando!"
Fürjesi Tibor