Frequently asked questions
  • We are betting only LIVE bets, at football games, mainly we focus on the number of goals during the matches.
  • Our VIP membership is paid service in form of credits. 1 credit is 1 day of VIP membership.
  • Due to bad experiences in the field of counseling betting we want to prove you that by betting with us you can earn a lot of money as we do.
  • VERIFICATION OF LIVE tips unfortunately does not exist. If it does, it is very limited and our team must therefore build trust by advising you fair services and information, as we do since 18 January 2015 on our Facebook profile. We also thank to our clients for feedback and comments which could help convince new clients.
  • We are sending TIPS thru our application BETCOMANDO directly to your mobile phones, before or during the match. We write in a message all information for a bet (eg. REAL MADRID – BARCELONA – 5.min score 0:0, over 1.5 half-time, odd 2.25).
  • We are sending tips daily, especially during the day from 09:00 to 23:00 CET, and it is needed to bet tips with your bookmakers best within one minute, which gives you really enough time.
  • The amount of tips depends on offers the bookmakers and evaluation of our bookmakers whether matches are interesting.
  • The amount of tips are mostly from 5 and more a day, but at least we send 20 tips each week.
  • If the tip is sent with odd eg. over 1.5 goals 2.50 and you will want to bet it you may see different bookmakers offer – smaller or larger course (eg. over 0.5 per odd 1.44), this is caused by time delay. Betting companies are
  • working online, which means their odds can change within seconds. So it is up to you whether you bet it for different odd or if you will wait for the next tip of our bookmaker.
  • If the tip is sent, and you will open offer bookmakers, course of the match may happend that tip will not be listed (hidden), or because the goal was scored. Betting companies may discontinue the possibility to bet on a match. If this happen you must wait until the odd appears, or wait for another tip our bookmaker.
  • SELL BET – bookmakers mostly offers SELL BET, it is possible eg. bet in 1st. minute of the match – over 1.5 half-time odd 2,00 – in 3rd.minute the first goal will be scored – the opportunity to sell bet for an odd offered by bookmakers, in this case approximately 1.70.

    We wish you luck in the game, Team BETCOMANDO.
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