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27. 05. 2018

Unbelievable Magical Serie .....

The Month Mai in the Year 2018 ist the best since 10 Months. There were 3 Magical Series and once we were able to record a Series of unbelievable 20 Wins in a Row! Simply unique! Betting like this is fun! On the 20.05 there are 20 Wins in a Row within 2...

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04. 05. 2018

How to earn big money with only a small investment with Betcomando?

The first time you see how big our stake, you can say "oh my god, what gamblers."Give us a minute. We tell you how you can use our unique system to start with a small investment and still made huge money. We show you how our system works with results from 2017. Let say you...

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29. 04. 2018

Why Bet365 ?

You can also use other betting providers, of course. The choice is yours. But Bet365 is one of the biggest companies in the gambling market. If you want to join us, we highly recommend using this betting site for a number of reasons: What makes Bet365 so suitable for us? Well,...

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26. 11. 2017

What does mean 1x Bet, 2x Bet, 4x Bet?

Due to our long-term strategy, not one-day, we recommend that your stake will be 1/100 of your betting account  (ie, a 100 stake with 10000 account balance) and you will be betting at least for 1 month with us. 1x BET - bet amount 1/100 2x BET - bet amount 2/100 4x BET -...

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06. 11. 2017

November (2017) magical series of 15 wins in a row

November 5 was excellent for two reasons. First, Yesterday we achieved the magical series of 15 win tips in a row and it was very long long day. On top of that we had no loss day in November. After tips were not ideal but finally we achieved +18.800...

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26. 10. 2017

How to bet?

Why the Most People Fail: It may happen that usually most of the people do not follow any rules for betting. It is necessary to protect your investment by strict discipline and defined rules. You should learn and fully understand why most people fail in gambling in any its form. Please...

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15. 10. 2017

Betcomando history

The most important events in Betcomando history 01.02.2015 - Real start first tips through facebook / about 3500 real followers from the Czech Republic and the SK several sets of posts wtih more 4000 fans 18.02.2015 - First tips through Whatsapp 15.05.2016 - Launch Betcomando for Android, then for iOS 27.07.2015 - New website 31.10.2017 - New Website...

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15. 10. 2017

New website and app

20.10.2017 - Launch new site and new Betcomando app design All of this with new Betcomando support on support @ We are continuing with a new, yet greatly functional system introduced in June 2017, with three variations of betting, namely the regular tip: (1 unit = 1x bet), the...

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01. 09. 2017

New month = New opportunities

THE NEW MONTH (SEPTEMBER) IS STARTED! September just started - Follow our money management rules with which we guarantee high monthly profits. We recommend selecting a portion of your game accounts at your bookmakers and changing or increasing your betting volume to a tip (still 1-3% of your bankroll) so that...

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11. 04. 2017

Where to bet our tips?

Our provided tips can now be served online Bet365, Comeon and 10Bet.  Good Luck. Your Betcomando team....

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01. 09. 2015

Betcomando = Trademark

Since 30.04.2015 the BETCOMANDO logo has been registered as the REGISTERED TRADEMARK in the Czech Republic....

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01. 09. 2015

Establishment of Betcomando

At beginning BETCOMANDO was a group of punters with a common interest of betting. In line with demand for delivering our tips, coming from our vicinity, we have decided to found a legal entity (company) to provide tips officially, transparently and within legislative conditions. As a consequence, since February 2015...

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"Once again, despite the pissing of the account registration - gold mine, guys, thank you ... who does not believe, that one should definitely join. Today I even received some chat from a Hungarian, so I confirmed that everything (betcomando’s statistics) is true. "
Milan Kříž
"I can only recommend, if it ever goes like this so I do not even have to work!"
David Holý
"You can trust Betcomando ... It's incredible this summer."
Adam Kosa
"Super! What I started with this month was so beautiful. For me the best month I've ever seen, with betcomando. Thanks so much, just keep going."
Jiří Doležal
"Super. The new betting method is simply great!. Only the Czech government makes it a bit complicated, with licensing, but you can not. Your results are sitting. And with the limitation of where to bet it is still fine. Super, just keep going."
Michal Strnad
"Really great! It's a nice walk, just keep going!"
Filip Faško
"Everything sits, I can recommend."
Tomáš Horák
"Super work so far. You are the best! Never miss Betcomando!"
Fürjesi Tibor