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26. 10. 2017

How to bet?

Why the Most People Fail:

It may happen that usually most of the people do not follow any rules for betting. It is necessary to protect your investment by strict discipline and defined rules. You should learn and fully understand why most people fail in gambling in any its form. Please think about your own attitude to the betting/gambling at all and think about each point which stated as reason here below:

  1. MISSING DISCIPLINE OR MORAL (no strategy, different stake amounts)
  2. DON’T MANAGE BANKROLL PROPERLY (any rule for keeping stake in line with bankroll)
  3. GREED (want too much at once or in a short time period)


Betting Rules - Instructions/Advices:

First of all, if you can - consider avoid betting or any type of gambling. If you cannot, from many reasons, keep strict rules during your betting. All these rules are the only recommendations that our team is using. Be carefull, it is betting. However, if you follow any of the rules below, you will move away from gambling to invest your funds.

  1. Be patient. Look for long-run winning.
  2. If you choose any of such service as we provide, bet only these predictions for defined time period (at least for weeks). There is no point in balancing and evaluating the service after a bad day.
  3. If possible, follow all of our tips to keep profitable statistics. Do not combine with other service for time being. 
  4. Do not combine with other events. Play single bet!
  5. Again, play only single every match we provide! The majority of the players in the world fall under that category. Most of tipsters play many games on the same ticket what decrease the probability to win.
  6. Keep your Bankroll Rules for betting. According to the risk you are taken, you should decide to keep 1-3% of you bankroll for each stake. The concrete percentage depends on each individual tipster as everyone wants to take a different risk while betting.
  7. Bet with equal and accessible stake. Each tipster knows how much money he can allot to invest in this business. Follow point 6 - Bankroll rules.
  8. If you win once, use the winning money only for next bet.
  9. Do not try to win back all your lost by All In bet.
  10. Follow our records calculator and proofs and you will recognize that you can start consistently winning in time, when use all of our tips. 


The sports betting magic number is:

52.4% is THE BREAK EVEN POINT for having bets in black/blue numbers. Everything what is above of this number it is your profit (of course in the situation you do not buy any tip and bet according to yourself only). Remember that you should win at least 6 of 10 bets to keep your positive profit. In our case we use a different weight of the deposit, namely 1/2/4 units of deposit per match. This number - break point - may be even lower and you still keep profit.