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04. 05. 2018

How to earn big money with only a small investment with Betcomando?

The first time you see how big our stake, you can say "oh my god, what gamblers."

Give us a minute. We tell you how you can use our unique system to start with a small investment and still made huge money. 

We show you how our system works with results from 2017.

Let say you can start with 500 EURO. It´s a minimum amount we recommend. Lowest stake on 1x bet should be 10Eur, and we advise to have at least 50 times oo this amount prepared. So 50*10 is 500Eur

Let´s take a look at numbers for 2017

If you decide to start with 10/20/40Eur stakes, you can make more than 40k Eur within few months and 100k+ at the end of the year.  How it´s possible. Well, we are just awesome:-))


Ok, not joking, but let´s take an example. 
You start in May 2017 with 500Eur and lowest stakes (10/20/40). May was not so cool as other months for us with only 120% revenue. Banks gives you 3% p.a. Revenue and tell you how cool they are. We offer you 120% revenue and say "hey, it was a mediocre month for us"´. So you earn 614Eur. You add them to your starting bankroll and get 1114Eur

You raise your stakes as well to 22/44/84. Now funny times begin. At the end of the June, you have 3899Eur, and you can increase your stake up to 38/76/152Eur in the begin of the July. Then your bankroll hit the skies, July and August were just amazing. Time for some party and luxury holiday.

When you get back home (or still bet with our mobile App wherever you are), you rise stakes last time - 100/200/400. No need to grow stakes more as it´s very likely you get limited from Bet365.

So you stay at 100/200/400Eur for the rest of the year and cash out your winnings. Day after day, secure job. There were some trouble days in December and January. But you should have no problems with that. Your bankroll should be over 120k Eur, and you lost less than 1/10 (2*5000) of that. And since then, we are in cool green numbers again
As you see, you can make huge money with us. And what´s most important, with only small investment. 

And it will get even better; our bookies are running hot.