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09. 12. 2017

NEW BIG START on 01.01.2018 !!

Again, like every year, it's a harder November and, unfortunately, the first losing month of Betcomand in history in December, when we finished live betting on December 7th!

Even so, in 2017 we have earned over 170.000 EUR in the initial deposit of 5000 EUR!!!!!

It has been helped by the change of the system in the middle of the year, and that's why we dare to "guarantee" 1000% earnings by 2018 !!! So how to bet in 2018 with Betcomando? Here's how to:

  • Deposit 5000 EUR to your betting account by your betting office and activate Betcomando VIP membership immediately in the morning on 01.01.2018
  • Bet our tips by stake 100 / 200 / 400 EUR on tip (1xBET = 100 EUR, 2xBET = 200 EUR 4xBET = 400 EUR)
  • During the month, you do not change the amount of stakes, preferably during the year (the best way is to set the highest possible amount from the beginning of the year against the maximum amount of stakes possible to bet on your betting office)
  • In 2018 we will provide tips from 01.01. to 30.11. !!! In December, the service will not be provided.

    We wish you a nice rest of the year and we will be looking forward to 01.01.2018! The BETCOMANDO team