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27. 05. 2018

Unbelievable Magical Serie .....

The Month Mai in the Year 2018 ist the best since 10 Months. There were 3 Magical Series and once we were able to record a Series of unbelievable 20 Wins in a Row! Simply unique! Betting like this is fun! On the 20.05 there are 20 Wins in a Row within 2...

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06. 11. 2017

November (2017) magical series of 15 wins in a row

November 5 was excellent for two reasons. First, Yesterday we achieved the magical series of 15 win tips in a row and it was very long long day. On top of that we had no loss day in November. After tips were not ideal but finally we achieved +18.800...

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"Once again, despite the pissing of the account registration - gold mine, guys, thank you ... who does not believe, that one should definitely join. Today I even received some chat from a Hungarian, so I confirmed that everything (betcomando’s statistics) is true. "
Milan Kříž
"I can only recommend, if it ever goes like this so I do not even have to work!"
David Holý
"You can trust Betcomando ... It's incredible this summer."
Adam Kosa
"Super! What I started with this month was so beautiful. For me the best month I've ever seen, with betcomando. Thanks so much, just keep going."
Jiří Doležal
"Super. The new betting method is simply great!. Only the Czech government makes it a bit complicated, with licensing, but you can not. Your results are sitting. And with the limitation of where to bet it is still fine. Super, just keep going."
Michal Strnad
"Really great! It's a nice walk, just keep going!"
Filip Faško
"Everything sits, I can recommend."
Tomáš Horák
"Super work so far. You are the best! Never miss Betcomando!"
Fürjesi Tibor