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VIP Members receive our tips and support from us. Do you wanna be part of our VIP Program and win with us? It very easy, start with a download of our App just like more than 5000 Android users did.


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  • VIP Members receive our tips and support from us. Do you wanna be part of our VIP Program and win with us? It very easy, start with a download of our App just like more than 5000 Android users did.
Chest of gold

After successful account registration, you have the option to buy credits and start your VIP Membership. When you buy some credits, you became our VIP member. You get access to our live betting tips via Betcomando application. We guarantee at least two tips per day in 2018. We also cover your back with our support. You can contact us by email support @ .


How about results?

We´re running since 2015. There were a lot of good days and some bad days as well. No mystery about it, we´re not fortune tellers or magicians. And don´t forget we´re talking about betting here.

Some luck is always out there. But we beat it (and bookies as well) with our unique systém. 292 073 EUR were generated since 2015. The biggest winning month was August 2017, when you cold won 37 269 EUR with us. When you wanna dig deeper and see detailed stats, please visit Statistics page. If you wanna know more about us, read about our history here.


Due to our long-term employmet strategy, we recommend that your bets be 1/100 of your betting account (=20€ Stake with a Bet balance of 2.000€) and that you work with our system for at least 1 month.


The recommended bets differ as follows:

1x BET - Recommended bet of 1/100, in this case 20€  (it's only up to you if you want to bet tip or not. TIPS are mostly tips with  odds of 3.00 or more)

2x BET - Recommended bet of 2/100, in this case 40€ (max. 2 times)

4x BET - Recommended bet of 4/100, in this case 80€ (max. 4 times)


Numbers are pretty impressive, what´s the price of VIP Membership?

Our service is not the cheapest one on the market. But we are not like like the rest. And we are very good. If you don´t wanna invest in your future, save your money. And buy some beers or ticket to the cinema with them. Or you can invest your hard earned money into your future and try our services. 

Price is 12 EUR per day, 36 EUR for 3 days, 96 EUR for 10 days and 240 EUR for 30 days.


You can order our betting advice as VIP membership in the mobile app BETCOMANDO, and it is in the form of credits , where 1 credit = 1 day membership ( the use of the services Time 0:01 to 11:59 p.m. CET one given day ). You can choose the day you want to VIP membership have active also credits can be purchased separately at any time through the payment gateway in the app BETCOMANDO.


All sent tips are linked to´s extensive betting offer. If you are not a Bet365 user, or this bookmaker is not active in your country, you may not be able to serve 100% ofall bets according to our tips. As a suitable betting platform we recommend for exapmple for CZ users.

How to invest with us

Be financially independent!

"Once again, despite the pissing of the account registration - gold mine, guys, thank you ... who does not believe, that one should definitely join. Today I even received some chat from a Hungarian, so I confirmed that everything (betcomando’s statistics) is true. "
Milan Kříž
"I can only recommend, if it ever goes like this so I do not even have to work!"
David Holý
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Michal Strnad
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Filip Faško
"Everything sits, I can recommend."
Tomáš Horák
"Super work so far. You are the best! Never miss Betcomando!"
Fürjesi Tibor