Real Money-generating Football Advisory

Do you have any questions about our service? Reading some of the frequently asked questions should help you out!

1. If we are so successful, why do we send the clients our tips instead of b€tting them ourselves ?

  • There is a simple answer to this question. What is the aim of any business? To maximize the profit! And it is no different in the gambling industry of the b€tting offices. Simply because the b€tting offices kept limiting our accounts. When you start to show superior success rate, the b€tting offices limit your account and you cannot b€t on their website. After all, it says in their general terms and conditions that they can limit your account anytime without stating the reason. 

2. Why would they not limit your account if we are going to send you successful tips?

  • We found an inconspicuous way of making money. We b€t with a maximum amount of 40 - 160 EUR on one opportunity. Like this we can guarantee our clients fair income in the long-term perspective. At the same time we can prevent limitations of the client's account at the b€tting offices websites. You can b€t larger sums but like this the risk of limitations of your account rises too. Of course you can b€t smaller sums. It is just your choice. Of course, they could also limit you, every operator does it sometimes, but chances are a lot slimmer.

3. How much money and how much should I start with?

  • Your initial investment in your “business” and making money with us doesn't have to be high at all.
  • Due to our long-term strategy, not one-day, we recommend that your stake will be 1/100 of your account and you will be B€TTING at least for 1 month with us!
  • For example, if you put 500 Euro on B€T365, then your b€t on our 1x B€t should be 5 Euro, 2x B€t 10 Euro, 4x B€T 20 Euro. We b€t for 40, 80 and 160 Euro. Of course, the amount you start with depends only on you. It may be higher or lower.

4. Our Team Betcomando scouts out the tips from the b€tting office B€t365. With this b€tting office you can be sure that all sent tips will be in the offer. We do not forbid you to b€t in different b€tting office, but we cannot guarantee you that you can find given match in their offer. We have chosen this b€tting office, because it has the largest offer of LIVE matches and well arranged mobile version. More about WHY B€t365 here.

5. The tips are sent during the course of the whole year because league and friendly matches happen all year-round. But we are just people and sometimes we need to have holiday too :) 

6. The membership is a b€t consulting service subjected to a charge. The Clients receive during the course of the day LIVE tips and information about football matches. 

7. We send you the individual tips via the app Betcomando. Through the Betcomando app we send you the tips on the individual matches which you later look up on the website B€t365. We give you all the information about individual tips.

  • E.g. THE CONG FC - HA NOI FC UNITED - NOW is 17 mins, 1:0, -  YOU B€T over 1.5 goals at half time, odds 2,10.
  • We send tips almost every day between 9 am - 9 pm. You should try to b€t the given tip in one minute. An experienced b€ttor is able to b€t in 20 seconds since receiving the notification.
  • We do not send 40 tips per day, we select few matches of the day and then we send tips with at the best chance of winning.  

8. You can purchase days in the section PROFILE. You can choose amount of days (1, 3, 10 or 30) and you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can finish your purchase using credit card. After payment of the order, the days will be added to your account (you can find your amount of days in the section PROFILE)

9. You can download the app Betcomando for free. More information about app Betcomando is in the section DOWNLOAD APP. Our app is available only on the Google Play Store, as the App Store newly asked us to commission 40% of the amount paid for the arrangement of the payment gateway, which seemed as blackmailing to us. Our clients who have an iPhone as their main mobile phone have purchased a cheap small Android phone which they use only for receiving notifications, and they bet through their iPhone in a usual way. A little advice on how to do this if you have an iPhone.

10. The registration of the VIP account is bound to one IP address of the mobile device, after that it is not possible to log in on a different mobile device. In case of change of your mobile device, write us an email on and we can allow you to log in on a different (new) device.