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Live in-play football tipster service
avg. yield 95% per month

How many times have you heard such b*ll s**t?

Yes, I have been there, too. We have all read promises of so called professional tipsters. You find them all over the Internet. My story might resonate with you. In the old days I used to investigate who was the most successful football tipster in various charts. I watched him for a few weeks and then started to follow his tips. I don’t how many times it ended up the same - me loosing money, again and again.


Then I blamed myself again and again what I have done. I could have used my hard earned cash to treat my family or just get drunk, at least

Is there a way to beat the system?

After years of struggling and beating myself I decided to stop self destruction and promised myself to put together a plan. The plan that would finally make a breakthrough, clever and robust enough to outsmart the PRO BOOKMAKERS. I knew I could not devise such a plan on my own. I decided to build a winning team.


I knew I needed at least one ex-bookmaker on my side, a mathematician and a football pro - ideally trainer who has been there and knows this stuff.

How did I become a winner?

To cut the long story short, after several months of searching, meetings, arguments, I managed to establish a working team that shared the same vision - TO BEAT PRO BOOKMAKERS at their own turf. Another half year went by before we realized we need to forget about mainstream and find our own path where we can be superior to anyone else. We have uncovered a hidden treasure. A place where we can beat anybody as long as we stay focused and get direct information better than any one else.


Lower level leagues, particularly in foreign countries they are often overlooked and therefore represent the greatest opportunity. However, you need to go for the Live In-Play b€tting to have an edge!